Bra Size Chart & International Bra Conversion Chart

Bra Size International Conversion Chart

What are the first and second number in pants size

the first and second number in pants size

How to create a size chart

Sizegem has 200+ Size Templates that help sellers illustrate measurements to buyers. Login Sizegem or create a free account. 2. Select a size template you want to post on an e commerce site. 3. Add the measurements you wish to add. Minimum measurements is 1. 4. This step is optional. You can just leave blank. […]

How to measure a men’s overcoat?

How to measure a men’s overcoat Tips- Guide to measuring a men’s overcoat Lay the overcoat on a flat surface, preferably a table or ironing board.Stretch the overcoat so it’s flatUse a tape measureWrite down the measurements, tag size and material types. Chest- Measure from front of the overcoat, armpit seam to armpit seam- example- […]

How to measure a hoodie?

How to measure a hoodie How to measure a hoodie for ebay or other online sales platforms. Powerseller Tips- 3 measurements are usually adequate for a hoodie.Chest, sleeve length and length are the most important to add to a hoodie listing.Lay the hoodie on a flat surface, preferably a table or ironing board.Stretch the hoodie […]

Men’s Blazer Jacket International Size Conversion Chart

This size chart will help with the international conversion for men’s sizing in Blazer Jackets, Sport Coats and Suit Jackets. USA Italy Blazer Jacket Size Conversion is one of the most common questions. Italy is always +10 to the USA Blazer Jacket size. So if a USA men’s blazer jacket size is 40 then the […]

What is sizegem?

What is sizegem? Sizegem offers illustrated clothing size charts for online sellers to display size measurements to buyers. Create size charts and increase your online sales!Quickly post sizing charts using your desktop or mobile device. Since you cannot try clothes on online, one of it’s challenges is explaining size information Sizegem is an Ecommerce Selling […]

How to post size charts on ebay

Option 1- Copy generated sizing chart html code. Paste the code in the sites html section as shown below. Copy code Click html then Paste code in ebay html Result Option 2- Save as the size chart as an image and add to your posting images. Done. Hit list item on ebay and that’s it! […]