Create Size Charts for eBay

Last updated 6/6/2020

Option 1- Create size charts for eBay in seconds by following these steps and you will soon have the perfect eBay listing!
Simply enter your desired measurements the click generate.
You can enter up to 12 measurements and as little as 1.
Sizegem is the best tool for sharing measurements online.
Create size charts that help your customers better understand sizing information.
Our sizing charts can be posted on eBay, Poshmark or any e commerce website.
eBay size charts are proven to increase online sales. eBay sizing charts also reduce returns.

Option 1- Copy the generated eBay size chart html code. Paste the code in the eBay html section as shown below.

Copy code

Click the html section then Paste code in ebay html


Option 2- Save the eBay size chart as an image and add the size chart to your postings photos / images.

All Done. Now just list item on eBay and your done adding your eBay size charts! Visit for more eBay selling tips

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How to use

How do I add a size chart to eBay or a another website?

You have 2 options and can do either or both options.

1. Copy the generated html code then add it to the sites html section.
2. Save the eBay size chart as an image then add it to the listings photos / images.

Can size charts be added on any e-commerce site?

Yes they can. Our size charts are also mobile friendly. Size charts can be created from any mobile device, laptop or tablet. You can create size charts for eBay, Poshmark size charts, Mercari size charts, or any site! As long as you are able to post html code or post images, which is every e commerce site we are aware of.

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