Size Charts for eBay

Last updated 6/6/2020

Add Size charts for eBay in seconds by following these steps and you will soon have the perfect eBay listing!
Simply input your clothing measurements then click generate.
You can enter up to 12 size measurements and as little as 1 measurement.
Sizegem is the best tool for sharing measurements online.
Create size charts that help your customers better understand sizing information.
Our sizing charts can be posted on eBay, Poshmark or any e commerce website.
eBay size charts are proven to increase online sales. eBay sizing charts also reduce returns.

Sizegem has 200+ Size Templates that help sellers illustrate measurements to buyers.

  1. Login Sizegem or create a free account.

2. Select a size template or sizing chart you want to post on ebay, poshmark, mercari, etsy or any e commerce site.

3. Input the clothing measurements you wish to add. Minimum size measurements is 1.

Option 1- Copy the generated eBay size chart html code. Paste the code in the eBay html section as shown below.

Copy code

4. If you want to add the name brand and size of your eBay size chart listing. This step is optional. You can just leave blank. Add brand name, model and size.

You can also check to display both cm and inches. Uncheck to display only inches or only cm's. Check or uncheck show Sizegem logo. (These features are only included in paid plans.)

5. Press Generate.

6. Copy html code and paste in the sites html section or save as an image and paste in the images.


Option 2- Save the eBay size chart as an image and add the size chart to your postings photos / images.

All Done. Now just list item on eBay and your done adding your eBay size charts! Visit for more eBay selling tips

Now you wil be able to Create Size Charts for eBay, create sizing charts for poshmark, create size templates and charts for any website!

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